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Admission Process

Detailed Information

There are two admission options for individuals who would like to live at Windermere Care Centre. Most of our beds are funded by the provincial Continuing Care Program. Admission to these rooms requires a referral through your local community health centre. We also provide private pay rooms for residents who may not be eligible for admission under the Continuing Care Program. Private Pay inquiries can be directed to our .

Anyone may refer a person in need of care to his or her local community health centre for an assessment. If you are assessed as requiring a move to residential care, the process will be explained to you by a case manager at the community health centre and your care level will be determined by your physical and mental health, your ability to care for yourself and information from you and your doctor. It is important that you feel as comfortable as possible in talking with the case manager so that your care needs and goals are understood. If you need care in a residential care facility, your name will be registered for placement.

The goal is to meet your needs as soon as possible. Those with the greatest need are placed first. This means that if you need residential care, you will be admitted quickly to the first appropriate facility that has space available. If it is not the facility you prefer, you may place your name on a transfer list to move to your preferred facility when a space becomes available.

If you are in hospital, the hospital social worker can do an assessment to see if you need to move to a care facility. The social worker has all the information about the facilities, including the Windermere, and will help you make the arrangements. If a suitable room in a care facility is available, you will be expected to accept it.



Continuing Care Program

Under the Continuing Care Program the Ministry of Health subsidizes your care at the Windermere. You are responsible for paying a monthly fee toward food and room costs. The amount you pay depends upon your yearly income. When you apply for care, you asked to sign a consent form that allows the B.C. Ministry of Health to check your income each year with Revenue Canada. It is very important that you file your income tax each year. If you do not file your income tax, you are charged at the highest rate. Your fee is charged from the day you are admitted into the Windermere. A payment is due at the beginning of each month.

Private Pay

Residents not admitted under the Continuing Care Program the Ministry of Health pay an unsubsidized daily rate. This rate for new admissions is $210.00 per day for a single room and $201.00 per day for sharing.

Additional charges may include:

  • Any telephone and television cable service.
  • Personal hygiene and grooming supplies.
  • Any medication not covered by Pharmacare.
  • Equipment or aids such as hearing aids, walkers, and wheelchairs that are not covered by Medicare or other benefits.
  • Any health care services including optometry, podiatry, physiotherapy, dental services, and ambulance fees that are not covered by Medicare or other benefits.
  • A dental assessment.
  • Identification bracelet.
  • Personal needs such as dry cleaning, labeling of personal clothing, and newspapers.
  • Guest meals.
  • Some special events and bus outings.
  • "Happy Hour" drinks.


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